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Kedarnath helicopter booking service the last place to which a taxi may travel, the Kedarnath Dham or Yatra is an 18 km stretch that requires 6–8 hours of walking. However, with our kedarnath heli service, you may travel the entire distance in just seven to ten minutes.

Our package includes reserving a verified helicopter ticket (return journey) on the guest’s behalf only from official government counters. These Kedarnath Helicopter services departs from the following Helipads:

Guptkashi Helipad Sersei Helipad Phata Helipad These are all in the vicinity of Guptkashi City, and all the information you need to know about costs, schedules, authorized flight operators, etc., is provided here.

Kedarnath Heli Service is Popular in India

Kedarnath helicopter booking Helicopter rides at the Kedarnath Yatra in 2024 would cost different amounts based on a number of packages. The packages are made to accommodate the various traveler needs and budgets. The cost of an IRCTC helicopter flight might vary from INR 7000 and 10000 for a round journey, or from INR 3000 to 5000 for a single trip. The package includes a helicopter flight, VIP puja & darshan facilities, and other amenities like lodging and transportation depending on the package chosen. kedarnath heli service the cost per trip may increase during the busiest times of the year.

kedarnath heli service

Kedarnath Online Helicopter Booking Ticket Service

Kedarnath heli service experience divine landmarks from a unique vantage point our online helicopter booking rides offer
breathtaking aerial views of revered shrines and landmarks, giving you an unparalleled
perspective and a truly unforgettable spiritual gift.
Kedarnath heli service ordering about ticket prices and the booking process? At, we
offer the best deals for your yatra. Easily purchase tickets online or at the counters, ensuring a
hassle-free experience. Follow a simple online registration process:
1. Register: Fill out the “New User Registration” form on our website.
2. Check Availability: Select preferred dates and times for up to five tickets.
3. Make Payment: Complete the payment and download your tickets within 24 hours of

The Kedarnath Helipad Yatra Tour Guide

Kedarnath Dham, located in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag area, is well-known for its Shiv Jyotirlinga. Every year, millions of devotees travel to the Garhwal Himalayas to worship to Lord Shiva and ask for blessings. Kedarnath heli service  is a terrific destination to explore if you’re planning a spiritual adventure with your family or an exciting and religious tour to the Himalayas alongside pals.

Being 3,500 meters above sea level, Kedarnath heli service is difficult for tourists and travelers to reach, making the trip there difficult. For trips to the holy location that are both secure and comfortable, a variety of transportation options are offered. kedarnath heli service The sacred temple with Lord Shiva is accessible.

through horseback riding, trekking, Palki, or heli-based services. The modern alternative to the laborious and time-consuming traditional trekking method is to use helicopter services to make the trip to Kedarnath heli service as convenient as possible.

With so much information on what to see and do in Kedarnath Helicopter Booking reservations guide is a great resource for those looking for the perfect vacation experience. We also provide a range of religious vacation packages & guides that provide a unique experience.

Helicopter Yatra Kedarnath online helicopter booking

The unique vantage point that kedranath helicopter booking rides offer cannot be understated. Witnessing revered
shrines and landmarks from the sky instills a profound sense of awe and reverence. Our pilots,
well-versed in the terrain and significance of these destinations, provide informative and
enriching experiences during the flights.
Embracing Spiritual Significance
Beyond the convenience and aerial views, our kedarnath helicopter booking journeys are designed to evoke a sense
of spiritual connectedness. Witnessing these sacred places from above often leads to moments of
reflection and introspection, enhancing the spiritual journey.

kedarnath heli service

Helipads providing Kedarnath with helicopter services

Kedarnath Helicopter Service can make the strenuous road and hike travel known as the Kedarnath Yatra easier. Helicopter tour of Kedarnath Temple benefits elderly pilgrims and pilgrims with limited time. Numerous helipads along the way to Kedarnath provide scheduled kedarnath heli service excursions and reservations. The following information relates to Helipads that provide Kedarnath Heli Services.

Kedarnath helipad booking

Kedarnath helicopter booking only reservations made on the authorized website will be accepted for kedarnath helicopter services to Kedarnath. Travelers will be able to explore and book helicopter services to the Kedarnath helipad booking from specific departure sites such as Phata, Sersi, or Guptkashi.

Guptkashi Helicopter Booking

Guptkashi Helicopter Booking skip the arduous trek and opt for our Guptkashi Helicopter Booking. Enjoy breathtaking
aerial views as you soar over the picturesque landscape, arriving at your destination swiftly and

Helicopter Booking for Badrinath

Reach Badrinath, a significant pilgrimage site, with ease and comfort. Our helicopter booking
service ensures a smooth and convenient travel experience for pilgrims seeking divine blessings

Helicopter Booking for Kedarnath

Visit the revered Kedarnath temple hassle-free. Our online kedranath helicopter booking provides a seamless
journey, allowing devotees to focus on the spiritual essence of this sacred site.

Helicopter Booking for Chardham, Kedarnath, Badrinath & Gangotri Amrotori

kedarnath heli service explore the holy Chardham circuit and Gangotri Amrotori effortlessly. Our comprehensive
helicopter booking covers these revered destinations, offering convenience and spiritual
fulfillment in one journey

Helicopter for Chardham Yatra

Simplify your Chardham Yatra with our exclusive helicopter services. Experience the divine
journey to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri effortlessly, ensuring a spiritual
expedition filled with comfort and convenience.

Helicopter Katra To Sanjhichatt

Avoid the trek and opt for our Katra to kedranath helicopter booking. Enjoy panoramic vistas as
you swiftly traverse the distance, arriving at your destination refreshed and ready for the spiritual
journey ahead.

Helicopter for Phata to Kedarnath

Streamline your pilgrimage to Kedarnath from Phata with our helicopter service. Embrace the
sacred ambiance of Kedarnath heli service without the challenges of terrain, ensuring a serene and focused
spiritual experience.

kedarnath heli service
Helicopter Gaurikund To Kedarnath

Opt for our Gaurikund to Kedarnath heli service for a seamless and swift journey to this
revered shrine. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura of Kedarnath without the constraints of
arduous travel.

Helicopter Booking for Manimahesh

Experience the divine tranquility of Manimahesh effortlessly with our online helicopter booking
service. Simplify your pilgrimage, ensuring a serene and spiritually enriching journey to this
revered destination

Guptkashi Helicopter Booking

One of the principal towns en way to Kedarnath Dham is Guptkashi. It has excellent road connections, and getting to Guptkashi Helicopter Booking by public transportation is simple. The majority of pilgrims prefer to stay at Guptkashi Helicopter Booking Helipad when visiting kedarnath heli service since it is the first helipad along the way and offers excellent lodging options in addition to other amenities like medical care. Key Kedarnath Heli Service Companies use Guptkashi Helipad.

Terms and Conditions Governing Kedarnath Helicopter Booking Services

• Passenger Categories:
• Children aged 2 years or above will be considered as full-paying passengers.
• Infants under 2 years can travel free of charge, with a birth certificate being the
decisive document in case of any discrepancies.
• Discounts and Provisions:
• There are no provisions for discounts extended to children or senior citizens for
helicopter yatras.
• Booking and Payment:
• All bookings must be made in advance, requiring a 50% deposit of the total
charter amount.
• The remaining 50% of the payment must be settled 20 days before the scheduled
• Unfinished Journeys and Weather Conditions:
• In instances where the journey cannot be completed within the designated
timeframe due to adverse weather or technical reasons, every effort will be made
to cover all intended destinations. This may involve extending the timeframe or
rescheduling visits.
• Persistent bad weather conditions will prompt the company to complete the visits
on subsequent days until all destinations are covered.
• Luggage Regulations:
• Passengers are advised that luggage exceeding 5 kg at the helipad will not be
permitted aboard the helicopter for safety reasons.
• Pricing and Consistency:
• Irrespective of changes or consistency in royalty fees, the prices for helicopter
services will remain constant.
• Refund Policy Due to Unvisited Destinations:
• In situations where any Dham cannot be visited due to inclement weather or other
reasons, refunds will be issued based on the proportion of unvisited Dhams.
• For example, failure to visit two Dhams will result in a 50% refund, while the
inability to complete three Dhams warrants a 75% refund, and so forth.
• Refunds will be exclusive of royalties, taxes, and fixed components.
Ensuring a Smooth Journey
Our terms and conditions are designed to prioritize safety, convenience, and fair practices.
Adhering to guidelines regarding luggage, payments, and reservation policies ensures a hasslefree and secure journey for all passengers.